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CAGE Codes:

041P3                                                 096H6                                                09JN3                                                 0AZN5

0E603                                                 0E605                                                 0F7L4                                                 0GWR3

0J8G8                                                 0L169                                                 0MUW0                                               0NTD6

0NTD7                                                0RL66                                                 0TTR1                                                 0VJR7

Operating Segments: Automotive, Industrial, and Non-tire industrial products and services.

HQ: Akron, Ohio, United States

Partner: Goodyear has partnered with a variety of companies including, but not limited to, the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Company, Fountain Tire, SmartWay Transport Partnership, Bridgestone Americas, NASCAR, YourMechanic, Local Motors Inc., and Root Insurance.

About The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Goodyear’s story began in 1898 when it was founded by Frank Seiberling with the establishment of a factory for the production of bicycle and carriage tires, rubber horseshoe pads, and poker chips. In the turn of the 20th century, Ford became an important customer of Goodyear as they procured racing tires and outfitting for their Model T vehicle. It was around this time in 1909 that Goodyear also broke into the aviation market with the manufacturing of their first aircraft tire. They also had the opportunity to partner with the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Company to produce two zeppelins in the United States. In 1927, Goodyear went public on the New York Stock Exchange and began developing more products for their various markets. Over the next few decades, Goodyear saw many successful ventures such as manufacturing fighter planes during WWII, forming subsidiaries in foreign markets such as Mexico, expanding into the nuclear processing industry, as well as becoming a multinational corporation with a portfolio of acquisitions and multi-billion dollars of earnings. In 1974, CEO Charles J. Pilliod Jr. decided to invest in radial tires which were quickly becoming an interest in the US market as they had abroad, and the decision proved very worthwhile for Goodyear. Near the end of the 1980’s and into the 1990’s, Goodyear faced major restructuring of their business and many sectors were sold or traded off. Through the 2000’s, they received honor and recognition by many entities including the Wall Street Journal, RI’s Global Pulse consumer opinion survey, and Forbes Magazine. Recently, they have announced that they will build more zeppelins with Zeppelin, as well as created a wholesale distribution network along with TireHub. Currently, they remain a major company in the automobile industry, as well as have retained their place in the Fortune 500 list of United States companies.

Products, Services, and Platforms

●       Automotive: Goodyear provides a wide variety of automotive tires for vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, performance vehicles, and more. Some of their products are specialized for certain applications as well, such as winter tires or off-roading tires.

●       Industrial: Goodyear produces and supplies industrial tires for vehicles such as commercial trucks, cranes, dozers, ATVs, RVs, and for aviation applications.

●       Non-tire Industrial: Goodyear also produces industrial products outside of their tire products, including items such as air springs, hydraulics, conveyor belts, rubber tracks, synthetic rubber, etc.


Goodyear has partnered with Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Company, Fountain Tire, SmartWay Transport Partnership, Bridgestone Americas, NASCAR, YourMechanic, Local Motors Inc., Root Insurance, and more through their extensive history. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has an extensive portfolio of subsidiaries, including those such as Goodyear Dunlop Tyres, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires, Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, TireHub, LLC, Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems LLC, and Goodyear Public Co ltd (Thailand).


Goodyear’s competitors include Yokohama, Sumitomo, Cooper Tires, Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, and Continental.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
497F02-5 NA NA Avl RFQ
247R28-1 NA tire 24x7 25 12 12 fldr tl 1 Avl RFQ
5000072 NA diskrot Avl RFQ
301-015-421 NA tire tube type 5 00 5 Avl RFQ
301-098-104 NA tire h25x8 0 12 Avl RFQ
301-336-880 NA tire 18x4 4 10 fle dt tl 210 Avl RFQ
301-432-091 NA tire 24 5x8 5 10 fldr dt tl Avl RFQ
301-682-220 NA tire 44 5x16 5 18 30 fldr tl Avl RFQ
362K82-1 NA tire h36x12 18 18 fldr tl Avl RFQ
375K29-1 NA tire h37x14 15 22 fldr tl Avl RFQ
302120402 NA NA Avl RFQ
5004190-5 NA brake assy Avl RFQ
9524529 5330-00-083-1301 seal bearing Avl RFQ
9544062 NA torque tube Avl RFQ
95-0457 3110-00-100-0302 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
265F86-8 NA tire 22x675 10 8 flciii tl Avl RFQ
64AX104 3110-00-100-0607 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
754C26-2 NA tire 7 50x14 12 rib tl Avl RFQ
497F02-7 NA tire 49x17 30 fldr tl 225mph Avl RFQ
247R28-1AMFL NA tire 24x725 12 12 fldr tl Avl RFQ
269K43-1 NA h26 5x8 0 14 14pr flt leadr Avl RFQ
5000073 NA disksta Avl RFQ
APS06000 NA NA Avl RFQ
301-016-006 NA tire 500x5 6 flc tt Avl RFQ
301-099-530 NA tire 8 50 6 Avl RFQ
301-337-120 NA tire 18x4 4 12 rib dt tl 21 Avl RFQ
301-433-311 NA tire 25 5x8 75 10 14 rib tl Avl RFQ
301-683-690 NA tire 450x190 5 10 fldr tl 19 Avl RFQ
363K02-1 NA tire h36x115 19 20pr Avl RFQ
379Q02-1 NA tire h37 5x12 0r19 Avl RFQ
302121300 NA tube 850 6 Avl RFQ
5004913-6 NA wheel assembly Avl RFQ
9524964 NA packing preformed Avl RFQ
9544125 NA plate assembly Avl RFQ
95-0465 3110-00-100-0630 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
265K08-1 NA tire 22x675 10 10 fs tl Avl RFQ
64AX29 3110-00-100-0504 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
226K08-4 NA tire 22x575 12 10 fle tl Avl RFQ
497F22-1 NA NA Avl RFQ
248F03T1 NA tire 245x85 10 fldr dt tl Avl RFQ
520K09-7 NA tire 52x20 5 23 30 fldr tl Avl RFQ
5000077 NA piston Avl RFQ
301-016-421 NA tire tube type 5 00 5 Avl RFQ
301-111-570 NA tire 8 00x6 6 fs tt Avl RFQ
301-341-150 NA tire 18x5 5 8 fldr tl 210 mp Avl RFQ
301-437-064 NA tire 25 75x6 75 14 Avl RFQ
301-688-089 NA tire h37x14 0 15 22pr Avl RFQ
504T41-2 NA tire 5 00x4 14 rib tl Avl RFQ
302129302 NA tube 890 1250 tr15 Avl RFQ
5006028-5 NA main wheel Avl RFQ
9526199 3110-00-100-0513 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
9544171-1 NA wheel assembly Avl RFQ
95-0477 3110-00-100-0513 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
266F02-6 NA tire 26x6 6 10 fldr dt tl 22 Avl RFQ
156E06B1 NA tire 15x600 6 10 fe tl ddt Avl RFQ
2F1-6-34081-1 NA tank fuel aircraft Avl RFQ
497F29T1 NA tire 49x17 32 fldr tl 235mph Avl RFQ
441K82T1 NA tire h44 5x16 5 21 28pr Avl RFQ
5001353 NA wheel sub assy Avl RFQ
301-026-420 NA tire 600x6 4 fs tt Avl RFQ
301-125-005 NA tire 8 50x10 10 flc tl Avl RFQ
301-348-024 NA tire h44 5x16 5 21 28pr Avl RFQ
301-457-860 NA tire 26 675 14 16 fle tl 19 Avl RFQ
301-698-016 NA tire h44 5x16 5 20 28pr Avl RFQ
505T08-1 NA tire 5 00 5 tl 190 mph fle lt Avl RFQ
302246400 NA tube g15 600 6 tr67 Avl RFQ
5008877 NA tubegreas Avl RFQ
9532962 1630-00-780-5815 seal bearing Avl RFQ
95-1706 3110-00-100-0589 cup tapered roller bearing Avl RFQ
266Q43-3 NA tire 26 66r14 14 rad tl Avl RFQ
258K63-1 NA tire h25x8 0 12 16 fle lt 21 Avl RFQ
922C86T1 NA tire 9 25 12 Avl RFQ
806C61B1 NA tire 8 00x6 6 fs tt Avl RFQ
2F1-6-34080-1 NA tank fuel aircraft Avl RFQ
497F29S3 NA NA Avl RFQ
670M06-2 NA tire 6 70 210 12 10 rib tl Avl RFQ
441K82-1 NA tire h445x165 21 28 fldr tl Avl RFQ
5000516 3120-00-428-2170 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
301-026-330 NA tire 600x6 4 160mph Avl RFQ
301-124-006 NA tire 8 50x10 8 fc tt Avl RFQ
301-347-641 NA tire 17 5x6 25 6 8 fs tl 190 Avl RFQ
301-454-014 NA tire h30x9 5 16 16 fldr tl Avl RFQ
301-697-690 NA tire h31x9 75 13 12 fldr tl Avl RFQ
505C66-5 NA tire 500 5 6 flc tt Avl RFQ
302246300 NA tube g15 600 6 tr67 Avl RFQ
5007574-2 NA main wheel Avl RFQ
8532195 1630-00-304-5427 ring bearing closure brake Avl RFQ
9532522 NA wheel assembly Avl RFQ
9544482 NA brake assembly Avl RFQ

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