Eaton Corporation - NSN Component List

Eaton Corporation plc

DBA: Eaton

CAGE Code:

AeroCheck- 8W928

Aeroquip®- 00624, U2569, FA9C4

Rynglok®- C2178

ArcSeal™- 00624

Argo-Tech™- 59875, OCMF7, 86090

C-Seal™- 15284

Carter®- 0DT23

Centurion™- 77842

Eaton- F0562, K2523, U1918, U9084, 02750, 17472, 09790, 72121, 15284

Flex-Form™- 77842

Flex-Ring™- 77842

Microplex™ E-Seal™- 15284

QDM®- 97484

Radial C-Seal™ U-Plex™- 15284

Rynglok®- 00624

Sterer®- 99643, 76050, 09790, 52906

Sure-Mate®- 00624

Tedeco®- 97484

Twist-Flex®- 15284

Ultra-Mate®- 00624

U-Plex ™- 15284

Vickers®- 62983, 90166, K4413

Zapper®- 97484

Segments: Electrical Products and Electrical Systems and Services; Hydraulics; Aerospace; Vehicle; eMobility

HQ: Dublin, Ireland

About Eaton Corporation plc

Eaton Corporation plc, or Eaton, is a power management company that specializes in energy-efficient electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power management products. They supply products to a variety of markets, aerospace, government and military, vehicles, and many more.


The aerospace division focuses on engineering products that have greater reliability, reduce weight, and increase fuel efficiency. Their aerospace product and services categories include fuel; hoses, couplings, ducting, and seals; motion control; customer services; Eaton’s Aerospace Global Trading Services; ground refueling; hydraulics; AOG support.

Government & Military

Eaton produces products for various industries within the government that are used in buildings, transportation, industrial and machinery, information technology, infrastructure, energy, and utilities. The categories of products that Eaton markets to the government and military include aerospace; hydraulics; vehicles; electrical; marine.


The vehicle division produces commercial vehicles, parts, and products. They focus on increasing comfort, productivity, fuel efficiency, and reducing noise. Their products categories include commercial vehicles; transit mixers; cars and trucks; engines; refuse vehicles; vehicle and commercial controls; and automotive aftermarket.


Aerospace actuators and motion control Industrial controls, drives, automation & sensors
Backup power, UPS, surge & IT power distribution Lighting and controls 
Clutches and brakes Low voltage power distribution & control systems
Conduit, cable and wire management Medium voltage power distribution & control systems
Cylinders Motors & generators
Differentials and traction control  Plastics
Ducting solutions Process safety, automation, test & measurement 
Electrical circuit protection Product stewardship 
Electronic components Pumps
eMobility Residential 
Enclosures  Safety, security & emergency communications
Engine solutions Server racks, enclosures & airflow management 
Filtration solutions Steering systems
Fuel systems, emissions & components Support systems
Furniture  Utility & grid solutions 
Golf grips Valves 
Hose, tubing, fittings and connectors Vehicle controls, automation & power management 
Hydraulic power units & heat exchangers Wiring devices & connectivity


  • Emerson Electric
  • General Electric
  • Rockwell Automation
  • ABB
  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • UTC
  • Lockheed Martin
  • General Dynamics
  • Northrop Grumman

Subsidiaries/ partners

*Eaton subsidiaries with the name “Eaton” have been excluded from this list. 

*Some Eaton subsidiaries, i.e. inactive subsidiaries, may not be listed.

Illumination Management Solutions, Inc. Cooper Menvier France SARL
Bussmann International Holdings, LLC Cooper Securite S.A.S.
Bussmann International, Inc. Martek Power F SAS
CBE Services, Inc. MP Group SAS
Cooper B-Line, Inc. MTL Instruments SARL
Cooper Bussmann, LLC Sefelec SAS
Cooper Crouse-Hinds MTL, Inc. CEAG Notlichtsysteme GmbH
Cooper Crouse-Hinds, LLC Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH
Cooper Electrical International, LLC Cooper Germany Holdings GmbH
Cooper Enterprises LLC Cooper Industries Finanzierungs-GbR
Cooper Finance USA, Inc. FHF Bergbautechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Cooper Industries International, LLC FHF Funke+Huster Fernsig GmbH
Cooper Industries Middle East, LLC FHF New World GmbH
Cooper Industries Poland, LLC Funke+Huster GmbH
Cooper Industries Vietnam, LLC GeCma Components electronic GmbH
Cooper Industries, LLC Hein Moeller Stiftung G.m.b.H.
Cooper Interconnect, Inc. Institute for International Product Safety G.m.b.H.
Cooper Lighting, LLC Martek Power GmbH
Cooper Notification, Inc. MTL Instruments GmbH
Cooper Power Systems, LLC Sefelec GmbH
Cooper Technologies Company Cooper Univel S.A.
EIC Holding GP I Digital Lighting Co., Limited
EIC Holding GP II Riseson International Limited
EIC Holding GP III Santak Electronics Company Limited
EIC Holding GP IV Scoremax Limited
EIC Holding I LLC Silver Victory Hong Kong Limited
EIC Holding II LLC Vickers Systems Limited
EIC Holding III LLC MTL Instruments Private Limited
EIC Holding IV LLC PT. Fluid Sciences Batam
EIC Holding V LLC Abeiron III Unlimited Company
EIC Holding VI LLC Cooper Industries Trading Unlimited Company
McGraw-Edison Development Corporation Cooper Industries Unlimited Company
MTL Instruments LLC TT (Ireland) Acquisition Limited
MTL Partners II, Inc. Cooper Csa Srl
MTL Partners, Inc. Gitiesse S.r.l.
Standard Automation & Control LP MTL Italia Srl
Wright Line Holding, Inc. Cooper Industries Japan K.K.
Wright Line LLC Cooper Korea Ltd.
Azonix Corporation Aeroquip-Vickers International S.a.r.L.
Cannon Technologies, Inc. Cambridge International Sarl
Cooper Wheelock, Inc.  Cooper International Holdings S.a.r.l
Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc. Cooper Investment Group S a.r.l.
Chagrin Highlands III Limited Cooper Offshore Holdings S.a.r.l. (Luxembourg)
Sure Power, Inc. Green Holding S.a.r.l.
Cooper Electrical Australia Pty. Limited Martek Power SA
CTI-VIENNA Gesellschaft zur Prüfung elektrotechnischer Industrieprodukte GmbH Cooper Industries Malaysia SDN BHD
Cooper Bermuda Investments Ltd. ETN Asia International Limited
 Cooper Finance Group Ltd. ETN Holding 1 Limited
Cooper Investment Group Ltd. ETN Holding 2 Limited
Saturn Insurance Company Ltd. ETN Holding 3 Limited
Aeroquip do Brasil Ltda. Arrow-Hart, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Blinda Industria e Comercio Ltda. Bussmann, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Bussmann do Brasil Ltda. Componentes de Iluminacion, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Cooper Power Systems do Brasil Ltda. Cooper Crouse-Hinds, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Hernis Scan System do Brasil Comercio E Servicos LTDA Cooper Lighting de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Moeller Electric Ltda. Cooper Mexico Distribucion, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Moeller Industria de electro-electronicos do Amazonas Ltda. Cooper Wiring Devices de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Digital Lighting Holdings Limited Cooper Wiring Devices Manufacturing, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Nittan BVI Co. Ltd. Electromanufacturas, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Phoenixtec International Corp. Iluminacion Cooper de las Californias, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Senyuan International Investments Limited Martek Power S.A. de C.V.
Silver Light International Limited Cooper Crouse-Hinds B.V.
Winner Hydraulics Ltd. Cooper Industries Finance B.V.
Aeroquip-Vickers Canada Company Cooper Industries Global B.V.
Cooper Finance (Canada) L.P. Cooper Safety B.V.
Cooper Industries (Canada) Company MTL Instruments B.V.
Cooper Industries (Electrical) Inc. Scantronic Benelux BV
Cyme International T & D Inc. Turlock B.V.
Cutler-Hammer Electrical Company Cooper Crouse-Hinds AS
Cutler-Hammer Industries Ltd. Hernis Scan Systems A/S
Georgetown Financial Services Ltd. Norex AS
 Senyuan International Holdings Limited Cooper Pretronica Unipessoal Lda. 
 Beijing Internormen-Filter Ltd. Co. Cooper Industries Romania SRL
 Beijing Yoosung Shinhwa Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Cooper Industries Russia LLC
 Cooper (China) Co., Ltd. Hernis Scan Systems - Asia Pte Ltd.
 Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. Aeroquip Iberica S.L.
 Cooper Edison (Pingdingshan) Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. Cooper Crouse-Hinds, S.A.
 Cooper Electric (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Productos Eaton Livia S.L.
 Cooper Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ultronics Nordic Sales AB
 Cooper Electronic Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Centralion Industrial Inc.
 Cooper Shanghai Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. RTE Far East Corporation
 Cooper Xi'an Fusegear Co., Ltd. Polimer Kaucuk Sanayi ve Pazarlama A.S.
 Cooper Yuhua (Changzhou) Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Cooper Crouse-Hinds (LLC)
Digital Lighting (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.  Cooper Industries FZE
Dongguan Cooper Electronics Co. Ltd. Aeroquip (UK) Limited
Dongguan Wiring Devices Electronics Co., Ltd. Aeroquip Limited
Guangzhou Nittan Valve Co. Ltd. Cooper Bussmann (U.K.) Limited
Kaicheng Funke+Huster (Tangshan) Mining Electrical Co. Ltd. Cooper Controls Limited
Lian Zheng Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Cooper Crouse-Hinds (UK) Ltd.
Moeller Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Cooper Industries UK Subco Limited
Phoenixtec Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Cooper Security Limited
Rizhao Yoosung Shinhwa Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Menvier Limited
Santak Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Menvier Overseas Holdings Limited
Cooper Industries Colombia S.A.S. Oxalis Group Limited
Cutler-Hammer, SRL Scantronic Holdings Limited
Cooper Capri S.A.S. The MTL Instruments Group Limited

CAGE Code : U2569, 1MAM7, 3U188, 15605, F6275, 8J069, 3B858, 85757, 54987, 7W346, 5H7N6, 0CP84, 0EAX3, 1TGB8, 76374, 8R885, 51510, 1H1H3, 88140, D8942, 27193, 4BQB0, 3LYM9, 1W143, 0CMF7, 1G910, 81997, 1G677, 3LYL9, K4413, U6287, K8879, 92856, 4ACA7, 22796, 9U704, 4AGL7, 18911, C2178, 20154, 08372, 09JD6, K1016, 9A068, K0520, 00624, 55841, 4P866, 1NG36, 30NA9, 39FE9, 13654, 54713, 6X441, 3LUX7, 51443, 380H0, 3T846, 15284, 04181, Z1434, 70513, 12110, 1W134, 3LVG5, 80900, 9A062, 7Y587, U1650, 70795, 84243, 53500, 0X660, 4S7M4, 94366, 1NDU7, 9A069, 22778, 4BQ07, 0FWX7, 9A063, 98121, 12678, 68592, 9A065, 8W928, 0DGP6, 6Y741, 34657, 51151, C3179, 54412, 36KU7, 9A070, 4X816, 74193, 3MBG7, 88026, 1TMY5, 8F330, 5Y490, K6135, 0EWR3, 9S240, 27892, 3PUP4, 72800, 9A066, F8687, 7F841, 96170, 81260, 0DGD8, 4LPM8, 2N497, Z4470, 3LSN3, SWY75, 18163, 88869, 1HJG4, 0KB55, K6794, 9R076, 81155, 55840, 55459

Part No RFQ
014014S2-20 RFQ
0111-6-440-60 RFQ
000-656228F0080 RFQ
001-9223-968 RFQ
000-306039F0160 RFQ
006-10003 RFQ
007D6222IM3 RFQ
000-309070J0450 RFQ
000M667196M0260 RFQ
014014S4-20 RFQ
000 950003 24 0960 RFQ
000-649005F0100 RFQ
0095647228 RFQ
010213 RFQ
014-0100 RFQ
012-1152 RFQ
006-10004ALTERED RFQ
000-666303F0132 RFQ
003011-001 RFQ
000T666314H0096 RFQ
006-10245 RFQ
007D6222IM2 RFQ
003210-002 RFQ
000-666303J0230 RFQ
009-18056 RFQ
000R666303F0132 RFQ
0131-1.2AMP250VAC60H RFQ
003105-006 RFQ
014014S1 RFQ
014501-S4-16D RFQ
000-601661-8D0624 RFQ
014022S2-20 RFQ
014014-S5-20 RFQ
002607-002 RFQ
000-950247N0236 RFQ
014501S2-20D RFQ
006-10004 RFQ
000-601378F0224 RFQ
014316-5 RFQ
009-18054 RFQ
001712-001 RFQ
0131-15-250-60-2 RFQ
014501S5-16D RFQ
005476 001 RFQ
006-10010 RFQ
000T666315F0176 RFQ
001536-001 RFQ
01-441-042 RFQ
000 624141 F 0190 RFQ
000W900248F-0085 RFQ
014501S11-24D RFQ
000K650471K0141 RFQ
001-0360 REV C RFQ
000110X0061 RFQ
00624-SS43P31J112000 RFQ
000-601181M0204 RFQ
014503S5-20D RFQ
0111-0009 RFQ
014501-16D RFQ
007D6222IM5 RFQ
006709 001 RFQ
014014S4 RFQ
014-0107 RFQ
000601054J0100 RFQ
000-601040J0200 RFQ
000-666304F0100 RFQ
010-0025 RFQ
008-10222 RFQ
005708 001 RFQ
014-0104 RFQ
000M666304F0130 RFQ
000-302140P0871 RFQ
000AE4372H0354 RFQ
000-666302H0190 RFQ
006-10196 RFQ
006-10211 RFQ
006-10014 RFQ
000AE4372G0354 RFQ
006-10003 RFQ
000AE9060206 RFQ
014-0106 RFQ
002979-001 RFQ
000666377H0100 RFQ
01-4004 RFQ
00624-360-62-231SH RFQ
0111-17-5-250VAC60C3 RFQ
010-9334 RFQ
012-3308 RFQ
003106-005 RFQ
014503-S11-20D RFQ
007-624157L0131 RFQ
000M666304F0060 RFQ
000-601054J0100 RFQ
000153X0353 RFQ
000-701064K0094 RFQ
006-10272 RFQ
000M666302J0092 RFQ
0111-81 2AMP32VDC CU RFQ
001711-001 RFQ
014014-S1-20 RFQ
014501S5-24D RFQ
000M666104K0460 RFQ
0111-10-250-60-3 RFQ
003214-003 RFQ
003649385 RFQ
003213-001 RFQ
005460-001 RFQ
000-601126F0066 RFQ
003105-005 RFQ
0131CURVE3-1-2 RFQ
000130X0072 RFQ
000T666372-4-0154 RFQ
012-3017 RFQ
006-10010 RFQ
00H18-225-2 RFQ
00602S RFQ
010304 RFQ
014014 RFQ
014-0102 RFQ
000-35214-0002 RFQ
01-4006 RFQ
0100EE10 RFQ
0111 32VDC8 1 2AMPCU RFQ
000M666304F0384 RFQ
0111-15CURVE3 RFQ
003215-001 RFQ
006-10028 RFQ
000-M666103K0603 RFQ
014519-S2-16D RFQ
009-18091 RFQ
011-0158-080 RFQ
000M666302J0163 RFQ
014315-8D RFQ
003408-001 RFQ
000-601054J0147 RFQ
000M666302F0134 RFQ
000M666304E1200 RFQ
012-3874 RFQ
014014-20 RFQ
001-2414 RFQ
00H17-225-1 RFQ
000T667114M0210 RFQ
000-601040H0116 RFQ
000068X0015 RFQ
000AA50-4V0170 RFQ
000-601490F0050 RFQ
000-666114J0072 RFQ
000-666349H0040 RFQ
000146X0013 RFQ
0111-10-250-60-3 RFQ
000-06422-0079 RFQ
000-624313K0204 RFQ
0-244 RFQ
007D6222IM6 RFQ
010-640316F0170 RFQ
000-656236H0120 RFQ
004763-001 RFQ
01-4007 RFQ
007D6222IM4 RFQ
003215-002 RFQ
000T666372-6-0154 RFQ
000T666713M0220 RFQ
014519-20D RFQ
000M666304B1200 RFQ
000-624155L0240 RFQ
000L666302F0085 RFQ
000-656220H0214 RFQ
000-601490F0336 RFQ
014001S5-20D RFQ
009-18009 RFQ
0131-0-8-250VAC-3-60 RFQ
000-950003F0145 RFQ
014033S1-20D RFQ
006-10027 RFQ
009 18006 RFQ
010-9343 RFQ
000-601040J0184 RFQ
0131CURVE0-8 RFQ
014014S9-20D RFQ
000M666302F0085 RFQ
000-950787M0555 RFQ
003407-001 RFQ
0131-10.0-115VAC-2-6 RFQ
00-5460-001 RFQ
0-343 RFQ
000-630719M0300 RFQ
014-0103 RFQ
014517-16 RFQ
003210-003 RFQ
010-0032 RFQ
000V666102L0094 RFQ
006-10028 RFQ
01-441-041 RFQ
006-10055 RFQ
000-35885-0042 RFQ
0-150337-16-10 RFQ
000-620123M0300 RFQ
014014-S4-20 RFQ

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