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Do you need assistance sourcing parts from the manufacturer with CAGE Code 3B0W4? Aviation Axis is here to help. We stock part such as J00029A0006, J00063A0013, J00041A0913, J01000A0024, H01000A0047 - Rectangular Connectors, Pcb Connectors, Other Connectors, Rf Connectors, Fiber Optic Connectors that are associated with NSN 5935016131085, 5940016264344, 5935016133746, 5935016572419. All of the parts that we source and ship are sourced from premium manufacturers. We maintain a strict NO CHINA SOURCING policy as pledge to our customer to supply the best of the best. Our quality assurance measures reflect in our ISO 9001:2015 certification and FAA AC 0056B certification. Submit an RFQ today and purchase parts you can trust today.

CAGE Code : 3B0W4

Part No RFQ
J00029A0006 RFQ
J00063A0013 RFQ
J00041A0913 RFQ
J01000A0024 RFQ
H01000A0047 RFQ
H00031A0971 RFQ
H82000A0015 RFQ
J01000B0022 RFQ
J01000A0031 RFQ
J01000A0052 RFQ
J00046A0908 RFQ
H82000A0016 RFQ
J00042A0909 RFQ
J01000A0065 RFQ
J00036A0582 RFQ
J00041A0915 RFQ
J00036A0581 RFQ
J01000A0042 RFQ
J01000A1294 RFQ
J01000A0054 RFQ
J01000A0049 RFQ
F01700A0000 RFQ
J01000F1255 RFQ
B03014A0937 RFQ
J00042A0919 RFQ
J01000A0043 RFQ
B03015A0940 RFQ
J01000C1293 RFQ
H01000A0207 RFQ
J01000B1195 RFQ
J0032H1021 RFQ
J01000A0050 RFQ
J00040A0911 RFQ
H00031A0957 RFQ
J01000A0014 RFQ
J00030B0598 RFQ
F80084A0001 RFQ
J01000A1255 RFQ
J01000A0067 RFQ
J00029A0003 RFQ
EW960042-00 RFQ
J00042A0907 RFQ
J00034A0594 RFQ
J01000A0066 RFQ
H01000A0097 RFQ
H01000A0241 RFQ
A16010A0924 RFQ
B00080D0002 RFQ
EW930092-20 RFQ
H01000A0247 RFQ
J01000F0608 RFQ
J01000A0026 RFQ
J01000A1293 RFQ
J0029A2001 RFQ
J01000A0008 RFQ
J00031A0596 RFQ
H01000A0107 RFQ
J01000A0016 RFQ
J00029A0004 RFQ
J01000A0038 RFQ
J01000L1293 RFQ
B03014A0936 RFQ
J0031H1012 RFQ
F80074A0000 RFQ
H00030A0955 RFQ
H82000A0018 RFQ
J0031B1016 RFQ
B00082A0943 RFQ
J00046A0918 RFQ
EW940021-10 RFQ
H01000A0127 RFQ
J01000L1255 RFQ
J01000A0027 RFQ
H01000A0157 RFQ
B00081D1289 RFQ
H01000B0177 RFQ
J00029L0051 RFQ
J01000A0006 RFQ
J01000A1258 RFQ
J01000A0805 RFQ
J00044A0900 RFQ
J00035A0594 RFQ
J00063A0005 RFQ
J00045A0904 RFQ
J0031B1012 RFQ
H00031A0965 RFQ
B00081D1272 RFQ
J01000A1256 RFQ
F80083A0000 RFQ
J00029A0008 RFQ
J00045A0916 RFQ
H01000A0077 RFQ
EW930092-00 RFQ
J01000A0608 RFQ
A16000C0605 RFQ
J00063A0011 RFQ
B03014A0938 RFQ
A16000D0605 RFQ
H01000A0231 RFQ
F80073A0000 RFQ
EW940021-00 RFQ
J01000A0039 RFQ
J00041A0903 RFQ
J00044A0910 RFQ
J00029B0061 RFQ
J01000A0030 RFQ
H01000B0167 RFQ
J01000A0019 RFQ
B00081B1289 RFQ
H01000A0067 RFQ
J00034A0599 RFQ
F80083A0001 RFQ
J00063A0007 RFQ
J00034A0593 RFQ
J00046A0906 RFQ
J01000L1294 RFQ
J00030B0595 RFQ
B00080B0002 RFQ
J00063A0016 RFQ
F80073A0001 RFQ
F80083A0002 RFQ
B00081E1289 RFQ
B03015A0939 RFQ
J00041A0905 RFQ
J01000B1192 RFQ
J0031H1020 RFQ
H01000A0221 RFQ
J00045A0912 RFQ
J00030A0595 RFQ
J00041A0917 RFQ
J01000D1293 RFQ
J01000A0018 RFQ
H01000A0141 RFQ
B00080A0002 RFQ
J0032J1021 RFQ
EW940021-20 RFQ
J01000B0018 RFQ
H00031A0969 RFQ
J01000B0608 RFQ
H01000A0237 RFQ
H00032A0942 RFQ
B00081A1272 RFQ
H82000A0014 RFQ
H82000A0019 RFQ
J0032B1021 RFQ
J01000A0007 RFQ
J01000A0063 RFQ
B00081C1289 RFQ
J01000A1195 RFQ
J0031H1016 RFQ
J01000A0029 RFQ
J01000A1321 RFQ
H01000A0017 RFQ
H00030A0967 RFQ
J00045A0902 RFQ
J00063A0001 RFQ
EW950200-00 RFQ
J01000A0606 RFQ
B00081E1272 RFQ
J01000A0010 RFQ
J01000A1940 RFQ
J00040A0901 RFQ
EW940108-10 RFQ
J01000A1192 RFQ
J01000A0022 RFQ
J01000A0060 RFQ
J00063A0000 RFQ
J01000A0064 RFQ
J01000A1257 RFQ
B00081A1289 RFQ
J00034A0597 RFQ
H01000A0057 RFQ
J01000A0061 RFQ
J01000A0059 RFQ
A16010A0923 RFQ
EW950200-30 RFQ
EW940108-00 RFQ
J00063A0012 RFQ
J00045A0914 RFQ
J00032A0583 RFQ
H00031A0959 RFQ
J0031B1020 RFQ
H01000A0147 RFQ
B00081B1272 RFQ
H01000A0137 RFQ
J01000A0033 RFQ
H01000A0087 RFQ
F80074A0001 RFQ
J00030A0598 RFQ
H01000A0027 RFQ
J01000A0029 RFQ
B00081C1272 RFQ
H01000A0037 RFQ
H01000A0191 RFQ
J01000A0040 RFQ
H00031A0973 RFQ
F80084A0000 RFQ
J00029A0007 RFQ
J01000A0005 RFQ
H00032A0941 RFQ

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