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This category does not include the more specific electrical networks, such as avionics, audio, or visual systems. It lists the smaller components utilized to form larger systems and products. Resistors, diodes, capacitors, and transistors are some of the electronic components within the extensive catalogue of electronic products. They are used in many aerospace applications. For example, electrical technology is used to control fuel consumption, flight control, and communications.

Some of the top manufacturers for electronics are Mitsubishi Electric, Honeywell International, Vishay Intertechnology, and TE Connectivity Ltd.

Wire Assembly Conduit Plug Button
Wirebndl Connector Electrical Plug Spark
Wire Electrical Connectr Printed Circuit Board
Wire End Fitting Diode Zener Raceway
Wire End Fitting Slide Handle Circuit Card Relay
427 Switch Assembly Headsets Resistor Film
433 Switch Assembly Jack Resistor Fixed Film
Adaptive Flight Display Switch Assy Led Switch Assembly Resistor Network
Aircraft Interior Antenna Led Switch Indicator Resistr
Amplifier Lug Semicond
Board Ay Lug Ay Semiconductor Device Transistor
Board Pc Memory Switch Assy
Board Printed Circuit Microswitch Switch Module
Circ Brkr Pc Board A Terminal Board
Circtcrd P C Board Assy Terminals
Circuit Card Assy Plug Ay Toggle Switch
Transistor Zener Diode

Modern aircraft are becoming ever more reliant on electrical systems, utilizing them to supply power for flight deck systems, cabin lighting, entertainment devices, and much more. In addition to the number of electrical devices and appliances that are present on a particular aircraft, there are also many electrical controls, circuit protection devices, and other products that enable standard functionality and security of electronics. When you are in search of the various electrical components, devices, or systems that you require for your particular aircraft, Aviation Axis is here to help with our unrivaled inventory of aircraft components

On our aircraft electrical and electronic equipment catalog, we provide customers with a list of aircraft electrical supplies including conduits, connectors, relays, headsets, LED switch indicators, amplifiers, and other components that are utilized to establish larger systems and products. As such, this list does not contain more specific electrical network devices such as avionics, audio, and visual systems. We invite you to peruse our list of aircraft electrical parts at your own leisure, and you may request quotes for your comparisons through the submission of an Instant RFQ form. Upon receipt of your request, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you in just 15 minutes or less, 24/7x365.

While some simplistic, single-engine aircraft are completely devoid of an electrical system, most will at least have a basic form of one. Many general aviation aircraft are fitted with a magneto ignition system, that of which creates its own voltage for the means of combusting fuel-and-air mixtures. Other basic aircraft electrical systems will also utilize a single engine driven generator or alternator for the means of operating starters, lights, radios, avionics and electronic components, and much more. To ensure that even the most basic aircraft electrical system is protected from overload conditions and faults, various devices such as circuit breakers and fuses are used.

In more advanced electrical assemblies, multiple voltage systems may be present to cater towards both AC and DC device needs. AC generation is typically the most common for such aircraft, and Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU) are installed for the means of converting power to DC voltage as necessary. For the ability to power systems during ground based operations or during emergencies, alternate sources such as auxiliary power units (APUs) and ram air turbines (RATs) may both be present on the aircraft and attached to the electrical system.

At Aviation Axis, we are fully dedicated to providing the highest quality items that we possibly can for your benefit. As such, we ensure that all components are thoroughly tested, inspected, and cross-referenced prior to shipment. As an added measure, we also follow a strict no China sourcing pledge, providing manufacturing trace documentation and qualifying certifications on all items as applicable. Due to our unfaltering commitment to such practices, we operate with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certification and accreditation. If you have any questions regarding our offered services or purchasing process and would like to speak with one of our representatives, give us a call or email today and we would be more than happy to assist you as needed. 

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Part No NSN Manufacturer QTY RFQ
179B9414AA-G03 6115-00-872-2407 general electric co Avl RFQ
3300A84B0326G04 6115-00-872-2407 general electric co Avl RFQ
C450-A300 6110-01-369-9965 national weather service Avl RFQ
602D01 6680-01-562-2140 pcb piezotronicsinc Avl RFQ
629A31 6680-01-624-7740 pcb piezotronicsinc Avl RFQ
EK-437811 6680-01-560-6530 rockwell automation australia ltd Avl RFQ
J353B16 6680-01-517-4921 pcb piezotronicsinc Avl RFQ
SI111308 6680-01-385-3107 columbia research laboratories inc Avl RFQ
S6190-61062-001 6615-00-371-6667 sikorsky aircraft corporation Avl RFQ
S6190-61062-002 6615-00-405-4596 sikorsky aircraft corporation Avl RFQ
SLZ9172 6615-00-064-9327 avionics specialist inc Avl RFQ
ST4319001HE0001 6615-01-152-2253 boeing aircraft Avl RFQ
TD-3685 6680-01-380-9450 columbia research laboratories inc Avl RFQ
RS232-61601 6625-01-552-7159 agilent technologies Avl RFQ
VAX-XX00-IS-H0000 6625-01-474-3407 m a com inc Avl RFQ
VMIAAC-0045 6625-01-463-8668 ge intelligent platforms inc Avl RFQ
WM920106 6625-01-537-7791 wiremasters inc Avl RFQ
WM920115 6625-01-537-7794 wiremasters inc Avl RFQ
12-507-906NT 5999-01-670-7979 tdk lambda americas inc Avl RFQ
12200-0900-01 5999-01-670-6201 harris solutions ny inc Avl RFQ
2 0184-840 5999-01-569-1982 bae systems hagglunds ab Avl RFQ
442290-300 5999-01-662-8576 l3 communications corp Avl RFQ
779521-01 5999-01-571-5952 general atomics aeronautical sys inc Avl RFQ
08757-K01 5999-01-431-3274 keysight technologies inc Avl RFQ
192-1 5999-01-344-3295 honeywell aerospace Avl RFQ
12273-S749-300 3040-01-597-2979 curtiss wright corp Avl RFQ
907014108-009 6910-01-073-8176 cubic simulation systems inc Avl RFQ
124A8400AR001 5930-01-322-5236 general electric co Avl RFQ
3158774 5930-01-317-1649 bae systems land and armaments l p Avl RFQ
4610670 5930-01-336-8039 raytheon company Avl RFQ
9049GSR-5 5930-01-375-0177 schneider electric inc Avl RFQ
9049GSR-5 5930-01-375-0177 schneider electric usa inc Avl RFQ
0013001 5945-00-906-4841 kurz instruments inc Avl RFQ
62C41607 5945-00-906-4841 sacramento air logistics center Avl RFQ
C29-0090 5945-00-906-4841 kurz instruments inc Avl RFQ
SE23 5975-01-499-0492 joslyn products Avl RFQ
SE23 5975-01-499-0495 joslyn products Avl RFQ
SE23 5975-01-499-0496 joslyn products Avl RFQ
SE23 5975-01-499-0497 joslyn products Avl RFQ
SE23 5975-01-499-1704 joslyn products Avl RFQ
3890AS003284-01-H01 5975-01-668-2646 curtiss wright electro mechanical Avl RFQ
56417 5975-01-553-7901 xtek limited Avl RFQ
8912 5975-01-337-8745 abbatron llc Avl RFQ
E943F 5975-01-074-5469 bae systems tactical vehicle systems lp Avl RFQ
SMU-00000029 5975-01-553-7901 esg Avl RFQ
1480D13G02 5935-01-549-6982 eaton aerospace ltd Avl RFQ
91736893 5935-01-396-0117 thales aerospace Avl RFQ
91736893 5935-01-396-0117 thales training et simulation sas Avl RFQ
ACG9249 5935-01-552-9077 acumentrics corporation Avl RFQ
PL708652 ITEM 301 5935-01-549-6982 westwood corporation Avl RFQ
117094 001 5935-01-347-3131 compaq computer corp Avl RFQ
12-10675 5935-01-387-3354 hamilton sundstrand corporation Avl RFQ
228292 FYYY01 5935-01-387-0874 dcx chol enterprises inc Avl RFQ
387018 5935-01-080-2140 simmonds precision products inc Avl RFQ
8368-ALUMINUM 5935-01-156-8489 belfort instrument company Avl RFQ
60-1686-01 5935-01-669-0561 rgb systemsinc Avl RFQ
980138 5935-01-624-5904 the salvajor company Avl RFQ
J85-0023-001 5935-01-669-1500 harris corp Avl RFQ
PE9487 5935-01-457-9278 pasternack enterprises inc Avl RFQ
S4160FL1404L-04 5935-01-654-4027 joslyn products Avl RFQ
013024800 5935-01-411-2676 tektronix inc Avl RFQ
117011-002 5935-01-347-3132 compaq computer corp Avl RFQ
2500-014-0014 5935-01-175-8107 amphenol optimize manufacturing co Avl RFQ
8129781-1 5935-01-175-8107 warner robins air logistics center Avl RFQ
200SGL1040-2 6105-01-672-1187 skurka aerospace inc Avl RFQ
651179-62 6105-01-538-5735 u s dept of transportation federal Avl RFQ
GS04545 REV A ITEM 7 6105-01-533-2999 gs hydraulic sales inc Avl RFQ
P514425 6105-01-671-7827 fmc technologies inc Avl RFQ
PM585D 6105-01-398-1593 rtp corp Avl RFQ
75D750028-1001 4920-01-256-7392 boeing aircraft Avl RFQ
RD-6-5281-0 4910-01-573-6609 red dot corporation Avl RFQ
102-08-FF-B 5935-01-321-7106 cooper crouse hinds llc Avl RFQ
102-16-FF-D 5935-01-276-9932 cooper crouse hinds llc Avl RFQ
102-18-EE-B 5935-01-291-5505 cooper crouse hinds llc Avl RFQ
102-20-EE-B 5935-01-300-4940 cooper crouse hinds llc Avl RFQ
44037158AA01 5935-14-547-9483 thales underwater systems ltd Avl RFQ
LC2400-6 4920-01-543-4817 trippe manufacturing company Avl RFQ
PE9088 6625-01-587-1797 dme corporation Avl RFQ
PE9532 6625-01-587-1955 dme corporation Avl RFQ
R-TBD-914 4920-01-178-2667 hi shear corporation Avl RFQ
TTU-305 E 4920-00-246-7201 aeronautical and support equipment Avl RFQ
CM837-8A 5120-01-377-1194 daniels manufacturing corporation Avl RFQ
CM837-8B 5120-01-377-4560 daniels manufacturing corporation Avl RFQ
CM837-8C 5120-01-377-1330 daniels manufacturing corporation Avl RFQ
CM837-8D 5120-01-377-1147 daniels manufacturing corporation Avl RFQ
CM837RB-20 5120-01-368-4139 daniels manufacturing corporation Avl RFQ
901-031-125-135 5975-01-590-4185 the boeing company Avl RFQ
712AS277M2024-31 5975-01-681-2022 glenair inc Avl RFQ
712AS277M2212-31 5975-01-681-1974 glenair inc Avl RFQ
712AS277M2224-31 5975-01-681-2013 glenair inc Avl RFQ
749-1096-96 5975-01-681-3824 glenair inc Avl RFQ
US1003844 5975-01-676-1587 marvin land systems inc Avl RFQ
82-2146 5935-01-684-2656 grote industries inc Avl RFQ
T2C2-13300-001 5935-01-673-7046 gatr technologies inc Avl RFQ
13034370 6625-01-612-3560 pm soldier weapns crows Avl RFQ
13034450 6625-01-615-3378 pm soldier weapns crows Avl RFQ
PMA-1000-14 6625-01-626-5886 fc business systems llc Avl RFQ
D10052 5999-01-194-4032 thermo measuretech Avl RFQ
PL-10047FIND8 5999-01-194-4032 thermo measuretech Avl RFQ
PC9668-1 5120-00-052-6359 gowanda electronics corp Avl RFQ
PINGC2-30810020 5120-01-354-1393 seiko instruments usa inc Avl RFQ
PWA51250 5120-00-039-5543 united technologies corporation Avl RFQ
S-389 100 5120-00-293-2081 jonard industries corp Avl RFQ
TUNINGT00LA 5120-00-116-0829 micrometals inc Avl RFQ
60B415 5180-00-383-3200 jensen tools inc Avl RFQ
AA60B415 5180-00-383-3200 jensen tools inc Avl RFQ
00-05003-001 5996-01-383-4029 bae systems technology solutions and services inc dba bae systems information and Avl RFQ
142077012 5996-01-423-8267 oto melara spa Avl RFQ
5996PL0956270 5996-01-406-4035 inspektorat wsparcia sil zbrojnych Avl RFQ
7192757-000 5996-01-520-9564 l3 communications corp Avl RFQ
A24S 5996-01-344-6064 watkins johnson co Avl RFQ
TC2000-02 6625-01-300-4225 lp com Avl RFQ
TC2000-AF 6625-01-320-5529 acterna llc Avl RFQ
USB-TZA2-V92-X 6625-01-624-7888 lecroy corp Avl RFQ
VMISFT-9510-29C-910 6625-01-463-8726 ge intelligent platforms inc Avl RFQ
VT11A 6625-00-414-6756 alco industries inc Avl RFQ
MIL-HDBK-300(ATS 4920-00-212-3724 mil hdbk 300 Avl RFQ
AS-K1-101-V3 6630-01-498-9905 distribution specialists inc Avl RFQ
F10005 7045-01-583-2206 fiber instrument sales inc Avl RFQ
FCS-250 7045-01-559-4863 westover scientific inc Avl RFQ
NT56-924 7045-01-596-8682 edmunds manufacturing Avl RFQ
RR1205 7045-01-546-4519 texwipe co llc the Avl RFQ
TX759B 7045-01-548-0277 texwipe co llc the Avl RFQ
70720860-1 5998-01-621-9059 honeywell aerospace Avl RFQ
024077AD-1 5999-01-577-3880 argon corp Avl RFQ
024077AD-1 5999-01-577-3880 argon st inc Avl RFQ
R1792-4 5999-00-293-9448 united states postal service Avl RFQ
R1794 5999-00-293-9447 united states postal service Avl RFQ
R1794-1 5999-00-293-9449 united states postal service Avl RFQ
SRC-1219-4 4130-01-538-6262 src inc Avl RFQ
SRC-1219-5 4130-01-538-6248 src inc Avl RFQ
SRC-1219-6 4130-01-538-6250 src inc Avl RFQ
SRC-1219-7 4130-01-538-6254 src inc Avl RFQ
SRC-1219-8 4130-01-538-6257 src inc Avl RFQ
AMTC-C1067 1680-01-595-5710 aerial machine and tool corp Avl RFQ
501-1871-XX NA l 3 avionics Avl RFQ

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