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The simplest definition of fasteners is that they are pieces of hardware that close or secure parts together, without creating a permanent joint. Various items may technically fall under this definition, such as rope and hinges but are not called fasteners because of their wide variety of applications and intended uses. Fasteners are specific items that form rigid connections between two objects.

Fasteners are often composed of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, Inconel stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum. Coatings are commonly applied to fasteners in order to reduce corrosion and increase wear-time. Common coatings include: black oxidizing, cadmium, zinc, phosphate, chromium, silver, and nickel plating.

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Standards and Traceability

Fasteners are used across almost all industries, from home appliances to space shuttles. However, there are many types of fasteners that vary in quality. High-risk or harsh environments require certain compositions, materials, design, and safety specifications. Aerospace, maritime, and automotive industries generally require higher standards for fasteners due to the nature of the environment they operate in.

Hardware components are commonly traded items. Because of this, and their variety of applications, there are uniform standards. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has produced several standards that clarify definitions and types of fasteners, as well as dimensions and materials that should be used. There are also many military standards that apply to the manufacturing of fasteners that will be used in various military or defense purposes. Military standards also identify requirements for traceability; an important resource for ensuring safety and conformity.

Types Of Fasteners

Fasteners categories include: bolts, battens, buckles, buttons, cable ties, cams, clamps, clasps, clips, clutches, pins, flanges, frogs, grommets, hook-and-eye closures, latches, nails, pegs, nuts, retaining rings, rivets, screws, staples, studs, spacers, threaded fasteners, ties, washers, zippers, etc.

Drive types include: Philips and Frearson, slotted, combination, socket, one way, square, and star.

Washer types include: flat, fender, finishing, split lock, external tooth lock, internal tooth lock, square, dock, and ogee.

Nut types include: hex, heavy hex, nylon insert lock, jam, nylon insert jam lock, wing, cap, acorn, flange, tee, square, prevailing torque lock, k-lock or kep, coupling, slotted, castle, and pin lock.

Anchoring products include: stud anchors, sleeve anchors, lag shields, machine screw anchors, drop-in anchors, double expansion sleeves, concrete screws, spring toggle wings, plastic toggle, conical anchors, self-drilling drywall anchors, wood screw anchors, hollow wall anchors, nail drive anchors, and anchor bolts.

Aerospace Fasteners

Fasteners used in the aerospace industry are similar to fasteners used in other industries; the significant difference is in the quality, material, and weight. Aerospace fasteners operate in environments that make parts susceptible to corrosion, manipulation by extreme temperatures, extreme stress and loads, high pressures, and chemicals. Because of this, aerospace fasteners must be composed of specific materials and be designed and manufactured according to high standards.

Fasteners used in the aerospace industry are similar to fasteners used in other industries; the significant difference is in the quality, material, and weight. Aerospace fasteners operate in environments that make parts susceptible to corrosion, manipulation by extreme temperatures, extreme stress and loads, high pressures, and chemicals. Because of this, aerospace fasteners must be composed of specific materials and be designed and manufactured according to high standards.

Fasteners used in the aerospace industry are similar to fasteners used in other industries; the significant difference is in the quality, material, and weight. Aerospace fasteners operate in environments that make parts susceptible to corrosion, manipulation by extreme temperatures, extreme stress and loads, high pressures, and chemicals. Because of this, aerospace fasteners must be composed of specific materials and be designed and manufactured according to high standards.


Aluminum is commonly used to make fasteners. It is applied mostly in aircraft; not spacecraft. When it is used in spacecraft, aluminum fasteners require extra treatment. Aluminum must be cold-heat formed and is not an optimal choice if temperatures will exceed 350° F and is susceptible to corrosion caused by stress.


Steels are strong but also heavy, a common dilemma in aircraft components. Stainless steels and alloys are the most common forms used in aerospace applications.

  • CRES Series Steel: Series 300 is common for screws and bolts. It’s corrosion resistant but sensitive to high temperatures. Series 400 has higher heat resistance but rusts.
  • Alloy steels are durable but susceptible to corrosion.

There are many treatments that can be used to increase corrosion and heat resistance, however many of the treatments can also cause steel to decrease in its resistance to tension corrosion.


Superalloys are often used in aerospace applications because they are versatile, strong, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Superalloys include: A286, Inconel 718, H-11, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Monel, K-Monel, Haynes, MP35N, and MP 159. Selecting the superalloy depends on the specific stresses the fastener will be exposed to.


Titanium has comparable strength to steel and it may be chosen over aluminum because it is lighter.

Automotive Fasteners

There are many different types of automotive fasteners, but the most commonly used fasteners in the automotive industry are bolts, nuts, and studs. They vary primarily by material minimum yield strength and minimum tensile strength and are therefore ranked on a graded system set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Automotive Bolts

Also referred to as a type of threaded fastener, these components are used in high tensile applications where a strong, rigid attachment is needed. Bolts are headed, with a threaded blunt end. Compared to other fasteners, bolts have a longer grip length, with a shorter threaded portion for attachment of a nut. Common bolts used in the automotive industry are U-bolts,hub bolts, and wheel bolts.

Automotive Nuts

Automotive nuts are standardly hex or square, with a threaded hole in their center. They are used to secure and fasten bolts. Their grade must match the paired bolt, or the grade must be higher. Automotive nuts are utilized in an array of common applications but can be implemented in more complex applications where a t-nut, collar nut, or locking nut may be used.

Automotive Studs

Automotive studs are threaded on both ends and have an unthreaded middle section. They are secured to materials using nut screws. Automotive studs are constructed from a variety of materials including bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, nylon, or plastic. Studs are most commonly used in the build of an automotive engine, such as to secure a gasket head and cylinders, or in applications that need higher stress tolerance than a bolt can provide.

SAE & Metric Standards

Automotive fasteners are graded by SAE (fractional) grades, and metric grades. Fasteners of SAE 2, 5, and 8; and 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9 metric grades are used in the automotive industry. Each is classified by proof loads, yield strength, and tensile strength. Grade 5 (metric 8.8) fasteners and Grade 8 (metric 10.9) fasteners are the most prevalently used fasteners in the build of automotive vehicles

  • SAE Grade 5 (8.8): SAE 5 fasteners are made of quenched and tempered medium carbon steel. Hardware up to an inch in diameter is rated for 92,000 PSI yield strength, and 120,000 PSI tensile strength. Hardware over one inch in diameter is rated for 81,000 PSI yield strength and 105,000 PSI tensile strength. These fasteners are commonly used in bumpers, engine brackets, master cylinders, etc.
  • SAE Grade 8 (10.9): SAE 8 is made of quenched and tempered medium carbon alloy steel. These fasteners are designed with a yield strength of 130,000 PSI and tensile strength of 150,000 PSI. They are used in critical fastening applications such as cylinder applications and suspension.

Marine Fasteners

The most challenging aspect of applying fasteners in marine applications is the fact that salt water is corrosive to metal. Coupled with the higher presence of wood materials, galvanic corrosion and crevice corrosion are common issues encountered in a marine environment. Marine fasteners are therefore sorted primarily by their materials and intended application.

Stainless Steel

Most marine fasteners are made of stainless steel. This material is resistant to corrosion and offers optimal strength and rigidity for marine applications.

  • CRES Series Steel 18-8, 304, and 316 are used in the marine industry; 316 offers the highest corrosion resistance.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Fasteners: Stainless Steel is dipped in a thick layer of zinc, creating a tightly bonded alloy. Fasteners that undergo this process have greater tensile strength and greater corrosion resistant properties than standard stainless steel. Zinc plated steel is considered the most appropriate option for engine applications. Fasteners of this type are used in applications with higher loads, including that of shaft coupler bolts.

Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze is made primarily of copper, with silicon and corrosion resistant alloys such as zinc. Silicon bronze fasteners are used in applications that are more regularly in contact with water, applications below the waterline, and in wooden vessel construction. Silicon bronze is highly resistant to corrosion from liquids and chemicals and operates well in the absence of oxygen. This material is less likely to galvanize other metals it is secured to.

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