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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
4200011-3 NA vertical stabilizer panel assy Avl RFQ
AN960-4L NA washer flat 4 016 light Avl RFQ
12500750125B NA seal polypak b 1 75 125 Avl RFQ
4120012-13 NA spacer engine side mount 400 Avl RFQ
4120515-3 NA line upper plenum scavenge air Avl RFQ
4128018-1 NA deflector rain baggage box Avl RFQ
4129523-15 NA hvac backup ring Avl RFQ
4130518-1 NA bracket m r drive h strut top Avl RFQ
4131008-13 NA cap clutch over running Avl RFQ
MS21044N5 NA nut self locking 5 16 24 250 Avl RFQ
79028-125-0500 NA pin spring 0125 x 0500 ss Avl RFQ
MS21255-3RS NA eye Avl RFQ
AN3-17A NA bolt mach 10 32 x 1 906 Avl RFQ
AN381-2-7 NA pin cotter 0062 x 0438 ss Avl RFQ
4164015-901 NA linear actuator assembly Avl RFQ
4166050-3 NA rod push pull cycl cntrl fc Avl RFQ
4167323-19 NA pin torque throttle Avl RFQ
4174009-13 NA plate wear fwd Avl RFQ
MS24665-105 NA pin cotter 0 047 x 0 750 br Avl RFQ
4140530-11 NA housing control m r Avl RFQ
2-013 E515-80 NA o ring e515 80 0 426 070 Avl RFQ
MS28775-218 NA o ring 1234 id 139 wd Avl RFQ
T-0003 NA main rotor lead lag lower nut tool Avl RFQ
T-0134 NA plate assembly lower swashplate a Avl RFQ
77611 NA exhaust gasket Avl RFQ
4112005-11 NA brkt attach l shelf batt t c Avl RFQ
28-12335-1 NA cover assembly Avl RFQ
8S6BX-S NA tee assy Avl RFQ
MS17987C409 NA pin detent 0 250 0 900 ss Avl RFQ
11-691-04 NA bearing rod end 1 4 m lh Avl RFQ
16-DU-12 NA bushing du 1 000 0 750 Avl RFQ
28-11206-1 NA bulkhead assy t c aft fwd Avl RFQ
28-11243-12 NA bracket pulley out b t c Avl RFQ
28-11392-1 NA shield pedal Avl RFQ
28-11440-4 NA shim inspection door cowl Avl RFQ
28-121000-19 NA hose vent induction pipe Avl RFQ
28-12458-1 NA line scupper right Avl RFQ
28-12613-3 NA baffle fan shroud center Avl RFQ
28-13115-1 NA retainer m r g b lwr bearing Avl RFQ
4200009-13 NA rod plug end stabilizer Avl RFQ
AN960-416L NA washer flat 1 4 0 032 light Avl RFQ
12500750 NA seal polypak 1 0 75 0 125 Avl RFQ
4120012-12 NA mount engine side Avl RFQ
4120515-1 NA line upper plenum scavenge air Avl RFQ
4128014-1 NA upper shelf assy bag box Avl RFQ
4129522-13 NA hvac tube Avl RFQ
4130517-13 NA sleeve drive main rotor Avl RFQ
4131007-15 NA housing orc aft bearing Avl RFQ
MS21044N4 NA nut self locking 1 4 28 250d Avl RFQ
79012-062-0500 NA pin spring 0 062 x 0 500 ss Avl RFQ
MS21255-3LS NA eye Avl RFQ
AN3-16A NA bolt mach 10 32 x 1 781 Avl RFQ
AN381-2-16 NA pin cotter 0062 x 1000 ss Avl RFQ
4164014-7 NA NA Avl RFQ
4166050-213 NA rod push pull cyclic control Avl RFQ
4167323-17 NA washer thrust stick collective Avl RFQ
4174009-1 NA plate wear fwd landing gear Avl RFQ
MS24665-1013 NA pin cotter 0 062 x 0 438 ss Avl RFQ
4140530-1 NA housing and bearing control m r Avl RFQ
2-011 E515-80 NA o ring e515 80 0 301 070 Avl RFQ
MS28775-214 NA o ring n304 75 0 984 139 Avl RFQ
M83248 1-138 NA o ring filter oil pall Avl RFQ
T-0133 NA pulley restraint tool Avl RFQ
6RX3 8 NA screw self tapping 6 x 3 8 Avl RFQ
4112004-11 NA fitting t c spar Avl RFQ
1 4-6NA NA clamp nylon 1 4 wire bundle Avl RFQ
28-13239-1 NA spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
280-112005-15 NA angle assy Avl RFQ
MS17826-6 NA nut hex csd 3 8 24 0 219 Avl RFQ
08-DU-08 NA bushing du 0500 0500 Avl RFQ
28-11205-1CS NA bulkhead c s Avl RFQ
28-11243-11 NA bracket pulley out b t c Avl RFQ
28-11376-1 NA washer door latch Avl RFQ
28-11440-1 NA door cowl inspection Avl RFQ
28-11716-1 NA door opener kit 28f Avl RFQ
28-12325-1 NA elbow drain fuel Avl RFQ
28-12457-1 NA line drain left Avl RFQ
28-12611-5 NA bracket anchor Avl RFQ
28-13113-5 NA shim shaft 0 003 gr mrgbi p Avl RFQ
4200011-7 NA vertical stabilizer panel assy Avl RFQ
AN960-516 NA washer flat 5 16 063 Avl RFQ
149-24HT NA starter high speed Avl RFQ
4120012-15 NA spacer engine side mount 050 Avl RFQ
4120516-11 NA boot inlet duct upper Avl RFQ
4128019-3 NA closeout box fwd upr l h bag Avl RFQ
4129524-11 NA nut hvac system Avl RFQ
4130520-11 NA bolt coupling flex orc and shaft Avl RFQ
4131010-13 NA bolt over running clutch Avl RFQ
MS21044N6 NA nut self locking 3 8 24 250d Avl RFQ
79028-125-0687 NA pin spring 0125 x 0687 ss Avl RFQ
MS21256-1 NA clip locking 1 turnbuckle Avl RFQ
1117067-05 NA belt seat l h turbine bench Avl RFQ
AN3-20A NA bolt mach 10 32 x 2 031 Avl RFQ
AN381-2-8 NA pin cotter 1062 x 0500 ss Avl RFQ
4164015-902 NA rod and bearing assembly n2 Avl RFQ
4166050-5 NA rod push pull cycl cntrl fc Avl RFQ
4167323-3 NA collective stick throttle grip Avl RFQ
4174012-11 NA fitting leg beam cross Avl RFQ
MS24665-132 NA pin cotter 0 062 x 0 500 Avl RFQ
4140531-13 NA bolt swashplate lower fc Avl RFQ
2-018 NA o ring n304 75 0 739 070 Avl RFQ
T-0008 NA reflectors set of 3 Avl RFQ
T-0135-1-SET NA pinion nut crowfoot and adapter Avl RFQ
9080502 NA tape carpet dbl coated 2 36yd Avl RFQ
4112005-12 NA brkt attach r shelf batt t c Avl RFQ
28-16336-11 NA bushings Avl RFQ
MS20002-C4 NA washer c sunk 1 4 thr sz Avl RFQ
1 5 7270 NA NA Avl RFQ
11-691-05 NA bearing rod end 5 16 m lh fc Avl RFQ
16-DU-16 NA bushing du 1 000 1 000 Avl RFQ
28-11206-11CS NA former c s no rivet holes Avl RFQ
28-11247-11 NA bracket t c t r pulley Avl RFQ
28-11395-1 NA boot cyclic f28f 280fx Avl RFQ
28-11445-901 NA louver engine door Avl RFQ
28-121001-1 NA dip stick oil assy Avl RFQ
28-12341-1 NA bracket assembly Avl RFQ
28-12459-1 NA line drain right Avl RFQ
28-12613-4 NA baffle fan shroud Avl RFQ
4200009-11 NA plug end stabilizer Avl RFQ
AN960-416 NA washer flat 1 4 063 Avl RFQ
1250-0750-250B NA seal polypak b 1 75 25 Avl RFQ
4120012-11 NA mount engine side Avl RFQ
4120514-11 NA door access Avl RFQ
4128007-3 NA bulkhead aft baggage box Avl RFQ
4129521-13 NA NA Avl RFQ
4130516-17 NA hub coupling mr lwr pulley fc Avl RFQ
4131006-17 NA housing bearing orc fwd Avl RFQ
MS21044N3 NA nut self locking Avl RFQ
610507 NA shield magnetic fuel flow Avl RFQ
MS21251-B3S NA barrel Avl RFQ
AN3-15A NA bolt mach 10 32 x 1 656 Avl RFQ
AN381-2-12 NA pin cotter 0062 x 0750 ss Avl RFQ
4164014-29 NA rod n2 compensator Avl RFQ
4166050-211 NA rod push pull cyclic control Avl RFQ
4167323-15 NA grip throttle Avl RFQ
4174008-11 NA cap end skid tube Avl RFQ
MS24566-3B NA pulley rpl an210 3b Avl RFQ
4140526-3 NA hsg bearing plate swash fc Avl RFQ
2-010 E515-80 NA NA Avl RFQ
MS28775-131 NA o ring n304 75 1 674 103 Avl RFQ
M83248 1-032 NA o ring Avl RFQ
T-0127 NA 280fx tracker plate Avl RFQ
6RX1 2 NA screw self tapping 6 x 1 2 Avl RFQ
4112003-14 NA skin closure aft rh tailcone Avl RFQ
28-15027-10 NA spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
ECD4034-9 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
28-13297-1 NA roller shutter Avl RFQ
MS17826-5 NA nut hex csd 5 16 24 0 188 Avl RFQ
1 3 7270 NA breaker circuit 3a toggle Avl RFQ
28-11205-1 NA bulkhead t c bulkhead ht tr Avl RFQ
28-11242-12 NA bracket pulley inb d t c Avl RFQ
28-11373-1 NA bracket door latch Avl RFQ
28-11435-1 NA plate lock f28f door Avl RFQ
28-11715-11 NA ring reinforce snap vent Avl RFQ
28-12319-1 NA spring by pass cowl g aux Avl RFQ
28-12456-1 NA line scupper left Avl RFQ
28-12611-3 NA baffle shroud Avl RFQ
28-13111-13 NA bearing housing black oxide Avl RFQ
28-13238-1 NA NA Avl RFQ
28-13611-1 NA housing bearing t r drive Avl RFQ
4212101-3 NA housing light landing fwd Avl RFQ
AN960-616 NA washer flat 3 8 063 Avl RFQ
280FX FLT MN NA 280fx flight manual Avl RFQ
4120013-17 NA nut jam mount engine top Avl RFQ
4120517-13 NA line scavenge air bleed Avl RFQ
4129054-11 NA fitting line 5 8 oil Avl RFQ
4129532-13 NA cabin closeout Avl RFQ
4130521-15 NA washer flex 560 x 312 x 150 Avl RFQ
4132013-11 NA crank bellcrank hub arm t r Avl RFQ
J-7763-26 NA mount laminated lord Avl RFQ
MS21919-DF10 NA clamp loop 5 8 cush f r al Avl RFQ
164B101 NA cover switch rubber disc Avl RFQ
8190002 NA switch pressure fuel a md Avl RFQ
AN3-27A NA bolt mach 10 32 x 2906 Avl RFQ
AN381-3-22 NA pin cotter 0094 x 1375 ss Avl RFQ
4166008-101 NA bellcrank cyclic control Avl RFQ
4166052-11 NA boot adapter Avl RFQ
4167325-15 NA guide collective stick Avl RFQ
4174014-11 NA fitting end beam cross Avl RFQ
MS24665-153 NA pin cotter 0 062 x 0 750 ss Avl RFQ
4140532-5 NA rod assymrcontrol fc Avl RFQ
2-026 NA o ring n304 75 1239 070 Avl RFQ
T-0008-9012 NA main rotor blade tracking kit 12v Avl RFQ
T-0137-33 NA bar engine extractor Avl RFQ
4112011-5 NA tube extension tailcone fc Avl RFQ
4118265-19 NA bushing door cover Avl RFQ
28-12461-3 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
MS20074-05-06 NA bolt mach 5 16 18 x 0 797d h Avl RFQ
100-PD12 NA mount panel Avl RFQ
12528Y-A112 NA shaft drive 112 eng tach Avl RFQ
28-01008 NA auxiliary oil cooler kit Avl RFQ
28-11207-1 NA bulkhead t c aft c s no rivet Avl RFQ
28-11298-13 NA doubler seat beam Avl RFQ
28-114003-1 NA shield assembly Avl RFQ
28-11460-3 NA ring cowl upper assy Avl RFQ
28-121005-5 NA hose fuel 1 4 1200 Avl RFQ
28-12354-2 NA container assembly Avl RFQ
28-12615-1 NA plate baffle assembly Avl RFQ
28-13117-6 NA shim shaft 0010 brn mrgb Avl RFQ

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